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Driving School in Brooklyn, NY - FAQs

Q. How do I get started to obtain my NYS Driver's License?
You first must obtain a NYS Learner's Permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Come into our office and we can supply you with the learning materials to prepare you for this written test. Once you obtain your NYS Learner's Permit, we can then provide you with our quality service and offer one of our driving instruction packages.

You will also need to attend a five-hour Pre-Licensing Course which is required by the DMV before you can schedule a Road Test appointment. For your convenience, we offer the course right in our office. Once you have successfully completed the Pre-Licensing Course and driving program and we feel you are prepared for the Road Test, we'll be happy to take you to the Road Test Site for your appointment.

Q. I have failed the Road Test many times, what do you suggest?
We suggest that you have plenty of driving experience in all types of driving conditions including day, night, congested areas, rain, snow, among others. Our instructors are skilled trainers in all kinds of driving conditions.

Q. How many lessons do I require in order to pass the Road Test?
A. Every individual is different. However, we do evaluate you on your first lesson. We prepare you to be a safe and defensive driver and therefore, you will have the skills to enable you to pass the Road Test. We have a high rate of students who pass the Road Test on their first try. The two reasons why most of our students pass the first time, is that, we have professional instructors and we do not encourage
a student to take their Road Test until we feel they are properly prepared and ready.

Q. I have taken a driver education program and need additional practice, do you offer refresher courses?
A. Yes, we offer refresher courses for all individuals regardless of age or experience. We are authorized to teach 16 and 17 year old students.

Q. I am a licensed driver who needs to enhance my driving skills on both local streets and on the highway. Do you offer instruction for licensed drivers?
A. Absolutely!. We have many students who have their licenses and need refresher courses. Most of our students who pass the Road Test with us, come back to us for Highway Instructions.

Q. I am a nervous driver and need practice to enhance my driving skills. Do you have patient Instructors?
A. Yes, our instructors are trained professionals, who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel on the road.

Q. How can I make payments for my instructions?
A. You can select one of our discounted packages for instant savings or you can choose to pay lesson to lesson. We can assist you in finding the right price/package based on your needs and budget.
Contact us in Brooklyn, New York to request more information or other questions about obtaining your New York state drivers license